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Checkout our own Ryan O’Paintballer gracing the front of PbNation! His video taken at Paintball Explosion helping out the new player caught the attention of John over at PbN who added the video to PbNation’s YouTube lineup!

Checkout more of his videos on his channel linked below! RyanO Cover


Best Paintball Guns for Beginners- US Army Project Salvo vs. Tippmann Custom 98

I spend a lot of time, at my home field of Paintball Explosion, working with people who are out for their first day of paintball. One of the questions I field all the time from younger players is “What is the best paintball marker for a beginner?”

Today we are going to compare two of the most popular entry level markers on the market- the US Army Project Salvo & Tippmann Custom 98.

Let’s begin with with the outside of each marker. The 98 Custom has kept very true to its original styling from 1998. A few tactical modifications have been made over the years such as the addition of the picatinny rail across the top and a D-Ring on the back cap to attach a sling. As it has been since 1998, the fore grip is in a very cozy and natural position. The 45 degree trigger frame is comfortable even during those long 26 hour scenario games. The 98 Custom also offers Anti Chop Technology (ACT) which is a mechanical system integrated into the bolt system to reduce the chance of jams due to misfed paintballs. The styling is mostly utilitarian but people have given it a flashy look or a milsim look via upgrades, additions, and re-finishing. 

The Project Salvo’s styling comes from the famous AR15 rifle. It has a total of five picatinny rails, one across the top of the receiver and four more rails on an aggressively styled barrel shroud. The tactical styling on the barrel is very sharp while the sights are good looking and useful. The Salvo comes equipped with a six position collapsible stock and a magwell incorporated as part of the body. Since its release it has remained the most milsim’d out marker straight out of the box in its price range. The Salvo uses the same comfortable 45 degree trigger frame as the 98 Custom and both markers share the same feed elbow and ASA. 

For the most part that is where the differences between these markers end. The receivers of each are made from highly durable aluminum with a “clamshell” design. This simply means that the receivers split in half to reveal the internals- like a clamshell. 

The internals as well as the operation of each marker are nearly identical. Both are classified as an “In-Line Blowback” marker. This means that when the trigger is pulled, the sear is released which allows the striker (which is linked to the bolt) to slam into the valve, which releases air into the bolt, which is redirected out the barrel. The valve also releases air back into the striker, pushing it back and re-cocking the marker. Got it? Yeah, I didn’t fully grasp it either until I opened one up and saw the internals myself. Trust me it’s not really that difficult. The only major difference between the internals would be if you had a 98 Custom with Anti Chop Technology. 

Since the internals of each marker are nearly identical the performance of each is practically the same. The number of shots you will get on a same sized tank, the shot to shot consistency, and accuracy will all be roughly the same. Both markers can accept the immensely popular Cyclone Feed System and the Response Trigger kit. 

Since these markers perform roughly the same, accept the same upgrades, and their price points are in the same range you need to weigh what differences there are- nearly all of which lie on the outside. If your plan is to make an AR15 clone then the US Army Project Salvo is most likely your best bet. You would easily spend a great deal more to achieve the same look on another marker. Accessories such as a carry/sight handle, red dot sight, or scope can all be added with ease.

If the Salvo’s styling is not your cup of tea then the Tippmann 98 Custom may be more your speed. You will spend more in the end to add a barrel shroud, magazine, and stock (the accessories included on the Salvo) but your marker will be built to your specifications. If you choose a model with the ACT system, it will help to reduce ball breakage in the barrel, until you can invest in a decent motorized loader. 

As with anything the choice is yours. Think hard about what you want out of your equipment and plan your purchases accordingly. 


Battle for the Planet II


The SaintS will be returning to the second iteration of The Battle for the Planet being hosted at The Badlandz on March 22 and 23, 2014.  Redhand has put together an awesome setting for this game:

By the dawn of the tenth millennium, humanity had cast its seed far and wide across the Milky Way Galaxy. Hundreds of thousands of extra terrestrial colonies sprouted up on a thousand different worlds and moons in a thousand different star systems.

In the eastern spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a planet known to its people as Malus Terrenus. The feudalistic house lords of Malus Terrenus have warred with one another for centuries. Only now in the year 9,613 have these houses united against a common foe.

An expeditionary marine task force from the League of Unified Systems has launched an all-out assault against the lords of Malus Terrenus as part of their agenda to conquer the remaining independent planets. A handful of rebellious nobles with aspirations to power have conspired with the Systems League forces in a shortsighted attempt to secure power for themselves.

The already uneasy alliance of Great Houses has been strained further by generations old rivalries, political infighting, and the machinations of the ambitious.

Yet a third faction, the indigenous “Free Peoples,” who have been marginalized by the Great Houses for generations, have taken this opportunity to conduct “strike and fade” raids against the invading Marines and the Great Houses alike.

Want to learn more?  Join the discussion over on PBnation.  Think talk is cheap and you’re ready to get down to business?  Pre-register today!