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Battle for the Planet II


The SaintS will be returning to the second iteration of The Battle for the Planet being hosted at The Badlandz on March 22 and 23, 2014.  Redhand has put together an awesome setting for this game:

By the dawn of the tenth millennium, humanity had cast its seed far and wide across the Milky Way Galaxy. Hundreds of thousands of extra terrestrial colonies sprouted up on a thousand different worlds and moons in a thousand different star systems.

In the eastern spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a planet known to its people as Malus Terrenus. The feudalistic house lords of Malus Terrenus have warred with one another for centuries. Only now in the year 9,613 have these houses united against a common foe.

An expeditionary marine task force from the League of Unified Systems has launched an all-out assault against the lords of Malus Terrenus as part of their agenda to conquer the remaining independent planets. A handful of rebellious nobles with aspirations to power have conspired with the Systems League forces in a shortsighted attempt to secure power for themselves.

The already uneasy alliance of Great Houses has been strained further by generations old rivalries, political infighting, and the machinations of the ambitious.

Yet a third faction, the indigenous “Free Peoples,” who have been marginalized by the Great Houses for generations, have taken this opportunity to conduct “strike and fade” raids against the invading Marines and the Great Houses alike.

Want to learn more?  Join the discussion over on PBnation.  Think talk is cheap and you’re ready to get down to business?  Pre-register today!


Nuketown at Paintball Explosion

I can’t believe I forgot to post this up on here!  Check out Nuketown over at Paintball Explosion:


Press Release: The SaintS Join The Valken Family

valken_logoFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The SaintS are proud to announce we have started a new partnership with Valken.  Among other things, Valken makes some of the best scenario gear on the planet, offers professional paintball markers, and a high-quality line of paint.

Here’s to many great years as a part of the Valken family!